Monday, October 30, 2006

An Intervention Is Requiered

I have a problem.

I cant stop spending money.

I have recently bought a new computer and so now i have to stop spending so much money on random stuff. Now that I am no longer working at HMV it will be easier for me to slow down the spending. I wont be buy all the cd's and dvd's that i have been for the last 5 months, and i wont be stopping at toys R us every time i go to the mall.

But its not enough. This weekend I was with my girl friend and we wentout for food 3 times, plus all the extra gas., plus halloween related stuff. we went to value village for costume stuff and i spent more money.

But i found the coolest thing. I found and bought a miniu cross-bow. real wood and metal and such, not just a plastic toy. Its so awsome. But as cool as it is, entirely un nessacary.

I admit it, I am addicted to spending money, i like "stuff" and "things" and I cant get enough.

And i still dont have all the stuff i need for my new computer. I need help. seriously. If you know me, and you see me spending money, smack me. I think i need to lock my credit card in a wooden chest and push it to the back under my bed, so i cant use it.

If you have any suggestions on how to go about curbing my spending they will be much a ppreciated.
His Head Exploded In A Aray Of Shapes and Colours

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stolen time


its certainly a funny thing. Somthing I have been having troubles finding recently. But i cant figure it out.

Once upon a time i was working 2 retail jobs. approximetly 13-15 hours 3 days a week and 8 hour 2 days, plus 8 hours every

Currently I have been working 2 differant jobs. so start to finish of work day 2-3 days a week 13-15 hours and 2 days 8 hours. and NO weekends. so i should have MORE time than i did back then.

But i never feel like i have enough time to get anything done. so my question is, where has my time gone?

Yes i have a girlfriend that i talk to all the time on the phone now, but that still doesnt account for the lack of time. I play LESS video games, watch less movies,read less and hang out with friends less (cause they all moved to go to school) yet i never have any time to get stuff done around the house. I just dotn understand.

And i love the job that i am at full time, unlike when i was miserable alot of the time a couple years ago.

from what i have heard this is a common problem for alot of people. as we get old we have less and less time.

So i propose a theory (or 2)

Some kind of alien or government agency has found away to capture and store time, so they are stealing it from everyone in the world and stockpiling it for diabolical reasons that we may never understand. or
Its just because we keep adding more and more things to our to do list, so it just feels like less time, when in fact it is just more stuff.

personaly i think the first reason is more likley.

what do you think? and if anyone can think of a way to get our stolen time back let me know.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Can we say crazy?

Work is nuts. Its so crazy busy this week. i think i am making decent progress though, hopefull it all works out.

i am almost done my second job, just one shift left.

I am working on my halloween costume, i still need a number of things, but i think i wil mannage.

okay now its time for me to do my part at promoting a good friend of mine.

A class mate of mine has been working like crazy the last couple months on her debut album and its finaly finished. She had a friend/family cd release party this last weekend, and it was a blast.

The albume will be officially available to buy on October 31st at

In the mean time please visit her myspace and check it out. nd please if you like the music look into buying a copy or two for you and your friends when its available.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Waiting sucks, no matter what you are waiting for it sucks. But at the same time it is almost always better than the acctual arrival.
Think christmas. you cant wait for it, the anticipation eats at you. you cant sleep, you wonder what you'll get and then come Christmas morning ...dissapointment. sure you like what you got but its never as good as you were hoping/expecting.
The waiting and anticipation is always better (or most of the time anyway)and once the thing/day/person arives, before its even over and done with (out of the box, arrived, leaving) start counting down for the next thing that you are waiting for.

No matter how much it can suck we finds ourselve living in a life that revolves around waiting. Birthdays, christmas, the weekend, a raise, a new album, a phone call...we are always waiting for somthing. and then moving on to somthing else. why is that? Why cant we just be happy with what we have?

No answers to be had here, just questions and thoughts. untill next time, you'll just have to wait

Friday, October 20, 2006

as it begins.

this will be a new attempt at holding a blog, i have had a couple differant ones for differant reasons...the first was for therapy (self imposed just so you know) the second for bordem reliefe.

this one will be for my writing. i have mention elsewhere that i want to start writing for myself more than i have, and this was recomended as a way to start doing that. so here we are.

I will start by explaining my name and the title of the blog aswell as what many of my individuel posts will be titled. I have been reading the phenominal Sandman comics from Neil Gaiman. They have influenced and inspired me in a number of ways and continue to do so. They are so high up on my list of best things I have ever read. Dark, witty, smart, deep, fantastical among other things. all in all GREAT.
I knew i would like these "comics" long before i ever read even a line in any of them. these books have won so many awards and inspired so many people. I tell everyone about them.
I love comics, i love the xmen and spiderman and all of that. but they are so repetative in so many ways. and they just keep going..which is way to big of an investmant for me. esentially the superhero stories are the equivilent of masterbation in comic book form. pure fantastical fluff..fully enjoyable and entertaining but of little substance in the grand scheme of things.
The sandman comics have deeper characters and stories, which just seem so much more interesting and i dont know solid. maybe its the darker art (as opposed to the bright comic colours) or that fact that they are over and done with and not a character that has been around for 50 years that we all know the story of. (ala spiderman)
So yeah, i love the sandman comics, and neil gaimans stuff in general, its my current obsession in the comic world (that and early 90's super hero trading cards) so thats what alot of things will be in referance to. dont worry if you dont get it, you can always ask me to explain somthing further.

anyways. this blog will be full of random thought, museings, rants, essays and stories. I am a writer by trade, but dont write enough for personal value outside of work, so I will eventually post some short stories here along the way.

"How would you feel about life if Death was your older sister?"