Thursday, August 16, 2007

wow time flies

So i have been saying to myself for almost a month now "update blog" and it just keeps getting pushed back and i keep forgetting about it.


Its my birthday in just over a week. And all I really to play a god damn game of risk. Is it so much to ask to get 5 other people together for a few hours to play a great game. Just sitting around, spending some time with friends.

Honestly it shouldnt be this hard. I have tried so many times, and it always falls apart.

Take for example the weekend of July 28th. It was a gorgeous 30+ degress for like 5 days straight. 2 weeks prior I had invited approximetly 25 people to come to my place, hang out in my backyard swimming pool, and then when it started getting cooler, heading inside. Video games, board games, snacks, movies, etc and for the select few...Risk. Would you like to know how many people showed up that day? ONE. one bloody person, my best friend, drove from Edmonton to come down. So my "pool party" turned into 2 guys sitting around in a pool for 5 hours.

And people wonder why I am bitter about so many things. I keep buying/ getting thing that should in theory entice people to venture to my house: a nintendo wii, multiplayer video games, cool movies, a giant risk board, a backyard pool, a pool table, etc....yet no-one is willing to drive the 30 bloody minutes to my house. I am afriad to saying but I am pretty damn close ot giving up.
(I do have to give thanks to M & M for ventureing to my place a couple weeks ago, despite getting a new awsome TV)

So anyway, here we go again.

I have invited a bunch of people to my place for the weekend, just hanging out playing games, shooting the proverbial shit, snacks, movies, whatever. Now i don't expect to play Risk because I have invited people with no interest in the game over aswell.

However it sure would be nice if people replied to my message. Of all the people I have invited a grand total of 2 have even acknowledged me. and niether of them can come.

and people wonder why I am not on face book. Cause why the fuck would i join a place to "keep in touch with people" when nobody keeps in touch with me as it is. (more on my resistance to face book another time)

Anyway, last years "party" acctually went really well, so I hope this year will too. But if EVERY other attempt I have ever had at a get togther is any indication. I will be a lonley person on my birthday again this year.