Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am in Fact Awake...AKA...Alive

So sorry about the large gap in posts. I have kept meaning to get somthing up here, but havnt really had much to talk about, just been busy working (at work and at home), playing video games and doing oh so much driving. (back and forth to work, driving to calgary or edmonton for the girlfriend, etc)

But i have honestly felt bad about neglecting this realm, and have finally been called on it by a couple friends, so I decided to just do it.

the writers workshop that i have gone to a couple of time is starting up again this thursday, so i am really excited for that, i can pretend I have a social life outside of my girlfriend for 1 day a week for the entire month of February. YAY!!

Things are acctually going really well for me these days, in my life in general..besides being bored alot of the time.

I am getting into better shape, and i am now 100% student loan debt free (since the begining of the month), so all of my money is acctually MY MONEY. My girl friend is also getting into better hsape, although stressed about schoool., my mom has lost lots of weight in the last 8 months and her blood pressure is the lowest its been in a number of years. and the best news of i I got just on Sunday

I went to visit my dad, he is no longer going to the hospital everyday, nor is home care coming to him. The doctors are still a little worried about his lungs and the nemonia and that. but somehow, through all of the crap that he went through, almost dying and such a couple times, he is somehow cancer free. back in sepetember the treatments had no affect, so it should still be there and more likley futher progressed...but yeah, all of a sudden completly gone from his spleen

he is still very weak, and it is still going to be a long haul, and he will never be the same as he was, but things are going very well....so that is big weight off all of our shoulders.

and on one more note, i am learning a new worthless tallent , of whihc i already have so many( solving rubik's cube, juggling, unicycling, contact juggling, etc) i am now in the process to being able to rip Phone books in half....i cant quite do a whole red deer phone book. but if you were to take a big phone book and tear it down the spine in half, i can do that with pretty much no problem....so thats pretty cool...or at least makes a good party trick.

so there yo have it, an update, finally. hopefully they will become more regular in the coming times.

"What's going on?"
"We're telling stories. You just missed a really good one about a man who won November 1937 in a poker game."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2007...Forget the pig.

its now 2007. This is supposed to be the year of the pig...I say forget that bunk...its 2-007...double oh seven...thats right its the year of the BOND.

I think they should have delayed the release of the new Bond movie Casino royale by like 10 months and released it July 7th 2007. 070707. that would have been sweet,..just like instead of 2007 they should have got off thier ass and released the transformers movie in 2005 (the very begining of the old movie says "it is the year 2005")

so i pledge to watch every james bond movie in 2007....maybe...probly not


so 2007. I think i am acctually going to make an attempt at resolutions for the first time in my life.

I have a list of things to do less, and a list of things to do more.

- swear less
- complain less
- spend less

- Excercise more
- Write for myself more
- Better manage my time...uh...more

never been a big resolutions guy, but there are certain things i wish to accomplish this year, so maybe i should give it a go.

I have acctualy compiled a giant list of things i want to get done in 2007. around the house, financialy, in life, etc. the list has less items then weeks, so all i have to do is get one of these major things done every week and i'm laughing.

...more to come

End of the year extravaganza


So here we are, the Last working day of 2006. Time for a look back at the year that was and then a look forward to the year ahead.

January of 2006 – I spent 3 / 4 ‘s of the month in Red Deer, working on my Practicum at Zed99 and KG Country. I learned a lot, and was given confidence in my witing for close to the first time ever.

I went back to school for February, march and April. These months were for the most part uneventful. Busy with work and my new girlfriend took up the vast majority of my time.

During this time I put together a couple application packages. One for Zed 99 and the other for a new independent station that would be opening in my home area soon.

My mom got a job in Calgary and now stays are her sisters during the week and comes home on the weekends. The plan was originally for her to move there, but that is not going to happen now. So I continue to live at my moms place

Early April I began gearing up and working ahead for some time off from school. I arranged a bus ride and a place to stay with an old friend in Vancouver. I spent 4 days in Vancouver leading up to the Concert and musical event of my life.

Queen + Paul Rodgers Live. Front Row, Special pass, huge ticket package. I never in my life dreamed I would EVER be able to see queen live, even if it was only half of them. The show was incredible and something I will never forget…especially thanks to the 200+ pictures I took that night.

After a couple more days it was a bus trip back to Calgary for the last 2 weeks of my post secondary Education. For the most part they were a simple and lax 2 weeks.

After much cleaning, and packing I bid farewell to my Collage years, becoming the first in my family to go and complete extra schooling and goodbye to my girlfriend for an unknown period of time.

Back to Innisfail I went to apply for jobs. I met with the Creative director in Red Deer and was informed that despite enjoying working with me, there was currently no jobs available.

I applied at the other red deer stations and then got a job at the Local HMV.

Then I got a call from the ZED with an offer of a part time, temp position while they went through some changes…which I gladly accepted and began the first week of June.
After just 1 week I was offered the Job full time, starting in July…which of course I took….

But sadly I had to cut my Mohawk. So what did I do? I SHAVED IT ALL OFF, that’s right. Completely cue ball bald, and I have since been letting it grow out. 6 months and counting.

Since then I have spent lots of money (a car, a new computer, a bow flex, dvd’s, cd’s) and lived my months in 2-week intervals in which I get to see my girlfriend. We did a lot of things, and had a lot of fun with just us and with friend(s). I also made some great new friends. I saw a few small concerts at bars and such. Also as a perk from work I got to go to the Gun’s N Roses Concert in Edmonton. Which was cool. (see previous review)

I have done a huge amount of work around the house: trimming all the hedges, completely cleaning the basement, building a closet in my room, rearranging my room, hauling tones of stuff to the dump, getting a new couch and washer, getting rid of an old crappy deep freeze, rearranging the living room, cataloguing all our hardcover books, ripping out carpet and tile and lino in the hallway and back porch (that’s right all of it)…among a lot of other stuff

I learned to drive a big ass truck (Look up a CXT) and got to drive it in a few parades, which was kick ass.

My dad has been really sick, and nearly died in November, but I’ll let you all know that my dad is a walking, breathing miracle…his kidneys are working, he is no longer intubated, he is no longer in the ICU and is getting better every day. He still has a long way to go, but its much much better than he was.

I am in the best shape of my life (or close to) I am happier than I have been in a very long time, I have a kick ass girlfriend, and I have a job doing something I love. So yeah, I would say that 2006 was a pretty damn good year.

As I look towards 2007, I see much of the same . GREATNESS. Still only seeing my Girlfriend every 2 weeks for the most part, until the end of April when she graduates and moves to innisfail with me. I am going to curb my spending, and make a goal of saving X amount of dollars in 2007. I am going to continue getting into better shape, continue making the house better, I am going to join the competitive swim team to try and get my records back, and I have a lot of other goals.

So I hope everyone enjoyed 2006, and hope your 2007 will be better, remember to be safe over the holiday, what with all the parting and stuff.

Until 2007.