Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Like Plants

In the last couple months I have become interested in house plants and my collection continues to grow.

Between My girlfriend and I we now have - 3 differant cacti, an Aloe Vera plant, a Holiday "cactus", a venus flytrap, a spider plant, and a mystery tree I got from work.

I love taking care of them and finding out about them. My Venus flytrap is already starting to grow new traps, and they are bright vibrant red.

I am in the process of getting a couple new plants soon.

The only problem is the lack of good lighted room in our house.

One of the most interesting things I have learned about is a type of plant called a

Basically these plants can not survive without human interaction. they almost never go to seed and when they do they are usually not viable. they only grow and spread through cuttings.

I like the idea of a mutual almost symbiotic relationship with a plant. Its seems almost spiritual.

I am hoping to atain a cultigen in the next month or so. I cant wait.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield rules

Anybody else go see Cloverfield this week?

Me and some friends who have been following it since the beginning went opening night and it was awesome.

No spoilers here, just go see it. If you have problems with motion sickness be prepared for a spinning movie. but its worth it.

best part

some dude actually had a seizure in front of us. it was THAT good.

It will piss allot of people off with some UN answered questions, but who really cares. The best movies leave some things open to interpretation.

As a movie fan in general, regardless of genre and just for the love of the art this movie is amazing. In 1999 the Blair witch project tried to do what Cloverfield has succeeded in.
Being filmed on a "home camera" and still looks amazing.

The monster is freakishly huge, powerful and very well designed.

I WILL go see this again, and you should too.

This is the kind of movie that makes movies worth watching, with writers and directors and whole crews that want to take movies to a whole new place. and not just hash out the same crap over and over again.

so do me and yourself a favour. if you like movies and want to continue seeing new and awesome things. go see it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a delay

I was going to post an acctual post today, i promise i was....seriously.

however some things have come up and I am in no mood to talk about anything fun. In fact I am in one of the worst moods I can remeber being in in a really long time.

I was literally hyper-ventilating and shaking in anger before lunch. Then some more shit happend and I am even more pissed off. I wouldnt say I have calmed down but I have gaind a little control and composure back. maybe I will post what I planed on tomorrow....we'll see.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Obsessions part 1.

SO I have a few new obssesions these days.

Like many people I have been hooked by the evils of guitar hero III.

I had played a little of guitar hero II, but not much. While my room mate got GHIII for Christmas and its taken up alot of my time these days.

I started on easy but did really well on that from the start, so I moved on to medium. now I have gotten pretty good. I have got gold stars on almost all easy tracks and 5 regular stars on almost all medium tracks. I can get 95-98 percent on all medium tracks pretty much with out a problem. So I figured I was ready to move on to hard......HELL NO! Boy was I wrong. The jump from medium to hard is huge. I have only tried a few times but I have only been able to complete one song. So i think I will be practicing on medium for a long time to come.

I bought myself one of those 3rd party wireless guitars from wal-mart during boxing week sales. and I am so glad I did, my room mate and I have recently started playing co-op and its alot of fun.

I wish we had the earlier games so I could play some differant song, but that will come eventually I am sure. In the meantime I will display "constant vigilance " (bonus points to the identifier of the referance) and i WILL get good enough to complete hard one day. as for expert...forget it.

In other news...

Who knew Carmen Electra was "pretty" and not just hot

Seriously, i don't think it looks anything like her. Just search google images for Carmen electra and you'll see what I mean. Completly differant person.

Either way I am a big fan of this look.

Have a good night, talk to you soon. I promise


Friday, January 04, 2008

Jesus Christ Superstar

I was very privilaged to be able to go to the recent production of JCSS last month.

It featured Ted Neely, the guy who played Jesus in the 1973 movie.

He is now 64 years old but man can he sing.

There were times where you could tell he lacked the power he once did,and it might have been preferable to have a younger person that would fit in with the age of the majority of the cast, but it was still such a treat to see him on his "farewell tour"

Plus Judas as played by Corey Glover from Living Colour was freaking cool...kept waiting for him to break out in "cult of personality"

Herod was awsome, probaly close to the best part of the show.

I was not as pleased with Pilot. I have always loved his parts, small though they are. So i suppose I was a little more critical.

It was a great show, I have been wanting to see it live for years but never had the chance before. And the fact that I was 5th row was pretty damn cool.

So yeah. if you ever get a chance to see JCSS do your self a favor and do it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wholly Crap

So apparently I havnt posted in over 2 months....I feel really bad about this. But please to anyone that is still out there, forgive me and allow me to explain.

The last 2 months have been INSANE.

First of all its the busy tim eof year at work, Christmas, holidays, new year, etc, everyone changing thier copy but being impossible to get a hold of.

Second of all I have recently moved. Basically we started looking for a place October 15th and moved in October 28th. Then the unpacking, the moving in of a room mate, orginizing, setting up utilities, figuring out bills, buying stuff we need, etc.
Plus add in a weekend trip to Lethbridge mid november to see one of my best friends.

Third, Christmas holidays, booking time off, driving to visit the in-laws, shopping and all that.

Now I finally have some time to think about all the stuff I have been neglecting....Blog, writing, excerciseing, reading, etc.

So thats some of the big stuff from the last while. As for the small things that have been happening. Got to go to a few more shows: Blue man group, Jesus Christ Superstar, Korn. all great shows and highly enjoyable (more on JC another post)

Got spoiled over christmas, discovered some really cool things, have developed a new interest/hobby, no longer talking to a family member to name a few things. I will go into more detail on these and more exciting/interesting things at a later date...and I PROMISE that I will post somwhat more regularily....its a new years resolution.