Thursday, October 18, 2007

Star trek

So I admit it I am a if you didnt already know.

The only thing saving me from being the "24 year old geek that lives in his moms basement" is that she isnt around except for on weekends and I live there with my Girlfriend of 2 years.

Anyway, one of the geeky things about me is my love of star trek. Now I am not a huge read all the novels, own all the toys, know every single episode fan. I like watching the show and the movies, knowing bits about characters, have some conversations about it and it pretty much ends there.

Recently I bought all of the Next generation box sets. I got them all for about 43 bucks each, which is an great deal considering they retail for 60-80 and they were originally 180 when they first came out.

I have been watching them slowly. I am just 4 episodes into season 2. Here are my observations thus far.

The first season was great, but it only gets better from there.

For some reason the word. "reconnoiter" is used not once, but twice in the first 20 episodes.

as in

"Mr. Data, go and reconnoiter those tunnels and report back to me"

It is basically the same as "scouting" or "doing reconnoisance" why not just say scout? i have never as far as I remeber heard that word outside of those episodes.

Season 2 is good so far, but man i hate dr. Palanski. So glad she is only around for 22 episodes.

Weslye is a dink no matter how you look at it. he whines alot, his "uniform" and I use that lightly is terrible. but the worst part is, he acctually had alot of potential, hinted at in a vert early episode.

Originally i was going to guess that there was only 2-3 episdoes I had never seen before, however. based on the recent discovery that basically everything I thought took place around season 4, was acctually in season 2 and 3.

Riker grows a beard, Palanksi season, introduction of the borg, new uniforms, picard turned into a borg and a few others.
I am now going to estimate that in 178 episodes, there are 5-6 that I have never seen. mostly from season 6 and 7, and a very large number I have only seen once. at this point, 30 episdoes in. I am pretty sure I have discovered one. I will keep you up to date as much as I can.

but its time for me to boldy go where no one has gone before......home after work.


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having a girlfriend live with you in the basement of your mother's hous isn't much of a salvation from being a basement dwelling nerd.

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