Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Time to do some catch up

Multiple posts coming.


Sunday June 24th I was in Edmonton for the Roger waters Dark Side of the Moon Concert. This was my first big Concert with my Girlfriend (been to many smaller ones)

It was a great show, and really great seats (they better be for 1 buck 60 a piece...luckily we didnt pay...thanks again DDH)

The thing I noticed most about the show was the errie stillness. I have been to many concerets in my time, some heavy, some mellow'ish..but notthing prepared me for this. It was assigned seating on the floor, which is just fine. But the people...just stood there. Yeah there was the occasional fist in the air, lighters, and chering, but all in all a very calm, non-active crowed. I relaise that Pink Floyd is not your most energetic, but it was still a strange experiance.
Mimi is a huge Floyd fan, so I know that she greatly enjoyed the show.

Highlight for me include:

Vocal solo by Carol Kenyon (?) on the The Great Gig in the Sky, just amazing power and range.

The new song: leaving beiruit - very good, very funny video to go along with it.

The props: flying pig, falling spaceman,,

and of course the Dark side cover brought to life. I can't find a video that even comes close to doing it justice. Think of the cover, make it 3-d with lasers and make it spin..then increase the cool picture in your mind by 3000 times. then you will be close.


Blogger Amy said...

Aww, I guess I know that your passion for this band isn't the same as mine, but your review of the White Stripes was so much more vivid than this. *pout* Oh well -- It was an amazing concert, and your highlights were bang on -- Great Gig in the Sky was done SO WELL. Also, leaving Beirut (sp?) alone makes me want Water's newest albums... so good.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Scribe of Dreams said...

sorry this review was not as excited at as the stripes, i did not mean for it to be negative, it was a very good show and I am very glad I got to go.

12:22 PM  
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