Tuesday, June 19, 2007

50 posts, 50 things

Another stolen Idea but a damn good one.
In honor of my 50th "blog" here is a list of 50 things you may or may not have know about me.
50: I can Solve The Rubik's Cube in less than 3 minutes on average.
49: I have a cat named Whisper because when we got her she made no sounds.

48: The first CD I ever owned was Bryan Adams: 18 til I die from 1996, I now have over 350.

47: I lived in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and PEI for 3+ months each in a 16 month period.

46: I am addicted to tea: Regular, black tea, very strong, milk and sugar...blame my mom.

45: My Hair has not been its natural colour for more than 3 months since I was in grade 9.

44: I have had a pine tree for over 16 years and it is barely 2 feet tall. My own personal dwarf.

43: I own over 75 pez dispensers, and I never wanted a Pez collection...but I do love candy.

42: I have met former Prime Minister Jean Chretien..

(and many other famous people,but thats another post)

41: I was in a Movie with Mellisa Gilbert of Little house on the Prairie...no you can't see it.

40: I was in a marching band for 6 years and never learned an instrument.

39: Once upon a time I held 7 individual and 2 team club records on the Innisfail team.

38: I now only hold 1 individual and 1 team.

37: I personally sold at least 16 copies of Howls moving castle by Dianna Wynne Jones.

36: I didnt know my fathers real name untill I was 13...(he goes by a nickname)

35: I would like to be some kind of "Alternative fashion"model.

34: I have a musical autograph collection with over 50 signatures.

33: I take horrible pictures, either in front or behind the lense.

32: I have had my Eyebrow pierced for over 5 years.

31: I HATE Will Ferrel, just not as funny as everyone thinks.

30: I love cartoons and still watch them on a fairly regular basis.

29: I sang in a Choir on a Christian Hymn CD as a child.

28: I never took biology, physics or chemistry.

27: I have two Nieces and Two Nephews aged 2-6

26: I LOVE Scrabble. i own 5 differant boards and the dictionary. I LOVE Scrabble.

25: I HATE Clue, I'm just no good at it, but i reallt should be. I HATE clue.

24: I want so badly to be on the air and in commercials, but I HATE my voice.

23: I bite my nails worse then just about anyone you will ever meet.

22: The only time I dont bite is when I wear nail polish...I like the pretty colours.

21: I still have all my wisdom teeth

20: I quote movies and cartoons constantly, weather its relevant or not

19: My girlfriend HATES that.

18: I strongly belive that one of the coolest things EVER is Bioluminescence.

17: I have an allergy that makes me sneeze at least 10 times a day and I have no idea what it is.

16: I saw my first musical in May, if it wasnt 1000's of miles away I would go over and over.

15: I almost died when I was 4, from drinking somthing my brother got in austrailia.

14: I can tear a Red Deer Phone book in half

13: I Can juggle

12: I can Contact Juggle (you might have to look that one up)

11: I taught myself to Ride a unicycle

10: I DO NOT want to be a clown or in the circus

9: One of these facts is a lie.

8: I am a trekkie and proud of it.

7: An ex that hurt me really bad is also one of my best friends and favorite people in the world.

6: I once had huge crush on a girl I could'nt even communicate with.

5: I don't have lots of friends, but those I have are pretty darn good.

4: I love swords and will one day have a large collection.

3: I am very disturbed that THIS is a guy and that I still find my self thinking "Damn She's hot".

2: This post was acctually way harder than expected and I have no idea how AW did 100.
1: I have what many would call an unhealthy obsession with Queen. I have SO much queen stuff. Every Album, all the live stuff, all the official dvd', box sets, almost all the solo stuff, posters, figures, tour programs, multiple copies of some albums (all differant versions) I have LOTS. Friends are convinced I dont listen to anything else. Its pretty extreme, I admit it.Oh well, its a passion, and face it...they kick ass.


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