Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Something vexes me

Somthing has been bugging me recently...okay its always bugged me, but more so lately.

Its no secret that besides my girlfriend i have little to no social life. Never have. This has been made more pronounced by the fact that I live in a differant town from where I work. Any friends that I do have live in the town I work in. So its virtually impossible to convice ANY of them to venture a short 20-30 minute drive to hang out at my place. This is endlessly aggrevating.

I have many things to do at my place and I am always adding to the options. I have a pool table, countless video games, and a full cubboard full of board games. Over the last year I have made sure to expand my multi-player video games and purchased extra controls for friends to use.
I have also spent a decent amount of money on board games.

Recently I went on a crusade and had a 3 foot by 5 foot risk board custom printed. (somthing that i am often critisiced and ridculed for)
I have also purchased a Nintendo wii system.

The reason I have been doing these things and buying these things is in hope of. hopefully, maybe at some point, one day being able to convince people to have a little get togther for some fun and games....TO NO FUCKING AVAIL. I spent weeks trying to arrange game of risk with co workers. I have since given up that idea.

So all i can feel is that I have wasted so much money in the 12 months, because all i have accomplished is more games for me to play by myself and a smaller bank account. its VERY frustrating.

on top of that, there is part 2 of my vex'ed'ness

At work we have sports teams, joining local leauges and such (softball, footbal, vollyball, etc)
I have NO interest in any of these sports and I suck at all of them.

Coworkers also get together at the bar for drinks and wings or what ever. I dont drink and people who know me, know that spending money on stuff that dissapears instantly (food, candy, etc) is not my thing.
Not being part of these teams or going to the bar for a "staff function" is something that I am also often critisiced and ridculed about...

here is an example:
Are you coming out to "Event x"
why not
dont feel like it
why not
oh i have stuff to do
oh come on, your not doing anything
i have company coming for the weekend
so bring them along
nah, we have plans
like what?

and it goes on and on like that, or I simply get accused of being anti-social.

So i dont play your damn games , well, you don't play mine either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Risk is an awesome game! The fools don't know what the hell they're missin'!!!

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Creative Freakin' Genius said...

#1 NEVER accuse candy of being a waste of money. Candy is an investment in happiness.

#2 You have never invite me to your house - perhaps because you're threatened by my gaming prowess?

#3 I believe that I've mentioned on more than one occassion that I enjoy board games.

I totally understand where you're coming from, tho. I never go anywhere or do anything because it seems that the only thing people want to do is go out for drinks or something that costs money, which I'm not exactly swimming in.

10:42 AM  
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