Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An attempt at rebirth

Okay okay, so I promised this a long time ago. I keep putting it off, decideding if I even want to continue this blog. Well I have been told by a couple people that they acctualy read this thing. so here goes...getting ready for a long one or at least multiple entires. Cause belive it or not stuff has acctually been happening in my life....which makes the fact that I didnt update at all even worse.

So remeber way back in February when I ended up in the Ditch? well its still costing me money. On top of the tow truck and the fixing of my tire. I hav recently had to get some work done on my brakes, some part was badly bent and the mechanic says he has never seen anything like it.
When i went in the ditch one of my mud flaps came off, it took a small amount of body with it...well that small amount of body has now turned into a big hole...so i have to get that fixed sooner rather than later. so yeah not fun.

On the plus side of life and there is acctually more plus than minus here.

I am getting a rather large income tax rebate, so thats super cool...so I can afford to get the work done on my car at least.
And i also decided to FINALLY get a cd player put in my car, got a cool deck from Canadian Tire and had the awsome guys at Vibe Car audio hook me up...i am VERY PLEASED.

What has been accupying most of my time recently?

getting fit, going to teh gym almost everyday, excersiceing at home, and swimming as many mornings as I can crawl out of bed.

but even more time consuming is the planing of the vacation my girlfriend and I are going on at the end of may. Its big, its bold, its expensive. more on the trip next post (Friday at the latest I REALLY promise this time)

Plus there is alot of work around the house going on and prepareing for my girlfriend to move in with me at the end of the month. FINALLY.

so there you go, I think I managed to keep that relativly painless. but there will be more to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay a post!! Greatly appreciated, P! Sounds like things are really coming together for ya!! Cheers!


5:12 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Welcome back.

12:09 PM  
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