Tuesday, February 06, 2007

yellow head bobbing cat in office with techno music?

Behold what as a young'n was as close to my favorite music video in the days before Much music and the crap that it breeds.

there be super villains, comic books, animated characters, cheesy acting (though i dont remeber that from as a kid) and people covered in goop
we had this recorded for a long time and i was very upset when the tape wore out/got erased


and in a flash of brialliance i remebered the name of a song with a super cool, yet messed up music video that when trying to describe it, most people think i am really nuts.

watch this


and YOU attempt to describe it:...yellow head bobbing cat in office with techno music? my point exactly.


Blogger m.bradford said...

Huh??? to the what? MTV ruining music? Bah humbug to you music snob. Ok...its actually a fair point. Kudos

4:49 PM  
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