Friday, February 02, 2007

Strange Compulsions

Okay, so i have some hobbies, some might say more than the average person and they are certainly differant from the average person.

But none of them are FULL TIME hobbies (except reading, listening to music, watching movies and playiong video games)

that is of course unless you group them all together into one mass hobbie


I like to learn to do things others can't.

To date i have taught myself (with some assitance) to

juggle: just regular jugging, notthing fancy, but give me three fairly balanced objects and i can do it.

Contact juggle: this one is a lot less known. have you ever seen Labyrinth? if you havnt whats wrong with you i should slap you with a cod. anyway, at the begining of the movie when david bowie first arrives and offers Sarah a crystal, he does this cool thing where he rolls it along his hands...anyway, yeah i can do that. its pretty sweet

Unicycle: For some reason i always wanted to be able to do this, so a couple years ago i finally got one and now i can ride it.

juggle whilst on said unicycle: this is still very much a new thing, i can do it going only in a straight line and only for a short period...but i can do it.

Rubik's Cube: Back in 2003 i taught myself to solve the rubik's cube. and i can solve it in under 2 minthes 99% of the time.

Tear a Phone Book in Half: This is my most recent endevor and i am pleased to say i am now able to tear HALF of a full sized red deer phone book in half (tear it along the spine, now you have 2 to practice with)

All of these things that I am able to do, i am able to do better than most of the population, but i am by no means GREAT at all of them. basically Jack of all trades, master of none...but its still pretty cool.

things i want to be able to do in the future include: juggling clubs, juggling 5 balls, play guitar/bass, shoot a bow and arrow with acuracy, and improve on my skills in all the other things in this list.

If you have any suggestions of things to learn, let me know and i will consider the attempt.


Blogger twyandbn said...

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1:24 PM  
Blogger m.bradford said...

Oh Phil - Ye of many talents. When the world has gone apocolyptic it will need contact jugglers for sure. Keep on keeping on. And when you can rip an entire phone book in half, gimme a call.

4:48 PM  
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