Sunday, December 03, 2006

A post A post A real post (that turned into a rant)

I figured it was time to do an acctual post, seeing as i have been saying i would.

A topic that I have disccused with friends in the past. I dont bring it up all that often, cause its not THAT big of a deal.

Alcohol. Basically if you know me, you know i dont drink, i dont mean i dont drink very much or very often, i DONT drink. Its just not for me. Most people assume that means that i am completly against drinking and that i hate people who do, or that i am always judging them.


I dont care if you drink, its your chice just as my not drinking is mine. I respect your choice AS LONG as you respect mine.

I dont care if you want ti drink and have infact on a number of occasions been the DD. And I have laughed my ass off at drunk friends.

Now where i do take issue is when it becomes a problem, or an excuse.

When you NEED to drink, then i dont like it and think its a problem.

Examples. You refuse to go to a party because there wont be boose, and you cant drink. You go to a party but have to drive so you cant drink and you are misserable.

Basically if you are unable to have fun or enjoy your self at a social gathering with out getting shit faced. THAT i dont like.

Or when drinking becomes an excuse. the whole liqued courage argument. doing dumb shit and using alcohol as an excuse.

Example. guys get really drunk, head out and start breaking shit and think they are except from responseability because they were drunk and dont remeber it.

Or when you do stuff you regret/dont remember because you were drunk.

Example: Girl gets really drunk, hooks up with some guy, gets fucked by him...doesnt remeber the next day untill someone tells her....THATS a problem.

Or Girld Gets really drunk, fucks some guy and then regrest it and wishes she hadnt done it, and says the only reason she did is because she was hammered.

If you cant control yourself and stop yourself from doing somthing you know is wrong, or will not be happy about in the morning Thats a problem.

If you cant remeber anything about the night before ( i dont care about small details, like not remeber saying some random thing) thats a problem.

If every single time you drink and get hammerd and feel like absolute hsit in the morning and for the next 2 days, and swear up and down that you wont drink/(drink that much) EVER again...and 7 days later your in the exact same place....

THEN I may loose some respect for you.

Or how about if a friend is willing to give you 400 bucks is you can go 1 month without drinking, and gets notthing if you do. and you loose after just one day....or call off the entire deal with just one week left and say (and this is close to an exact quote) "its not worth it to me, i have been a total bitch to everyone since this fucking bet started, and its just not worth it, i am a wreck when i am not drinking, so its done, this bet is off'

What has caused me to talk about this is a friend of mine, the closest thing i have to a best friend, recently got dumped by his first long term girlfriend...we were recomeneding he break up with her month upon months ago, but of course he never did. basically in my oppinion she was a total bitch to him (from stuff he told us, only met her a few times) and treated him like crap, even though he deserves so much better. but understandably when the time comes it still hurts like a bitch.

How does my best friend handle it? By cutting off contact with just about everybody (myself included) moping around gussed it, drinking like it was going out of style. He turned to the bottle to solve his problem....which of course it doesnt.

This bugs me, I dont like to see people act like this, it makes me sad. Esspecially when most of the people i know who do these things are better, stronger and smarter than that.

there are so many better ways to deal with these kinds of things. I love my girl friend so much, it would devistate me if we ever broke up, i would be misserable to be sure. but i would NOT try and drown myself with shit. I would try my best to get over it as quickly as possible ( i realise its easier said than done, i've been there before). Like right now.

My dad is on the verge of death and i highly doubt he will make it to the year 2007, yeah its morbid, yeah its depressing, yeah its pessimistic...but its true. I am to the point, because he has deteriorated so mcuh that i want them to stop trying and just let him go, because he is barely there and getting worse, and its hard to see him. Thats fucked up and you know it. I am sitting here prepareing for my father to pass away. i did the crying thing the first night when i was told what was going on. and havnt might sound cold, but i'm dealing with it in my own way
. and i am sure i will cry when he is acctualy gone, but as each day goes by, i am begining to doubt that more and more and it pisses me off but i think i will be more relived....anyway pardon the tangent, the point is...

Yeah life sucks right now, some bad shit has happend to you, but just fucking deal with it, dont try and wash it out of your head with poisons, cause never mind the normal chemicals in the drugs, that are not good for you, that method of dealing with shit isnt good for you.

Just so we are clear...i dont care that you drink just do it responsibly and dont be an idiot...and dont judge me for not drinking, in the way you think i judge you.

PS: why is it that 90% of the time when i tell new people that i dont drink at all, they almost unfailingly go on about how "thats the smart thing to do", "I should do that", "I wish i could do that" , "man your smart, i wish i was like that", "hey man good for you, dont be like me"
I have heard those prases so many times in the last 4.5 years since i stopped drinking (thats right i was once one of you). yet nobody follows up on it...if you want to stop drinking...just fucking do it....oh and if you say "i dont drink either" and you acctually occasionaly do? dont fucking lie...say.."i dont drink very much, or very often" with everything else, when you say you dont drink, mean it and back it up"


Blogger m.bradford said...

As an occasional drinker I definately see your points. I think for me, having a drink or two adds a little spice to the evening. I'm not saying this is a good thing...but it does. I long ago resigned myself to the fact that I'm no angel. I'm no devil, but I do have my vices and as long (as you say) I don't hurt anybody, I see nothing wrong with getting a little loopy once in a while. Of course, each to their own. I also get annoyed with those who 'have to' or those who 'gotta stir up shit' once drunk.
Anyways...thats my two cents. Now time for a drink.

4:25 PM  
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