Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stolen Property

I will fully admit, that when I am bored, yet dont really feel like doing a real update (when most of the time i dont get comments anyway) I steel great ideas from friends, and try and steel thier fire a bit...or i just think they had a neat idea, and want to do a follow up.

So stolen from the Pages of MB once again, here is my list of skeletons in the entertainment shelf. but i cant do the fancy picture thing from my work computer for some reason.

Movie: Final Fatasy: Spirits within

What is it: 3-d CG movie, from the makers of the Final Fantasy video games

Why i have it: cause its awsome..sucked in the refereance to FF, but as far as animated fantasy movies go, i love it.

Movie: Matrix reloaded

What is it: First of 2 sequals to the amazing matrix movie (yes made i faced that addiction as well)

Why I have it: Cause i worked at a music/movie store when it came out, and i hadnt seen it yet...had I dont so I would have avoided it like the black death.

Movie: Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow

What is it: completly cg animated sets, props and locations, with real actors:
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Angelina Jolie, about some airplanes and shit, i dont even know....so really What is it:...crap in a dvd case

Why I have it: My mom won it on a radio call in contest at the station i now work for, she gave it to me..i tried watching it...and failed.

Movie: Vertical limit

What is it: Mountain climbers, gone to rescue someone or other, bad guys trying to do somthing, avalanches insue, triumph over adversity..blah blah blah...oh and Chris O'donnal..a VERY small redeeming quality.

Why i have it: an ill advised x-mas gift from the aunt and unlce that despite knowing me my whol elife, know Nothing about me.

Movie: Trick or Treat

What is it: 80's horror movie based on backwards satanic messages in records, bringing a demon version of a fictional dead rocker back to life to kill people. cameos by Ozzy Osbourn ( a priest) and Gene Simmons (a radio dj)

Why i have it: my brother had it when i was a kid and i loved it, its rock and roll, cheesy horror..come on. and i got it for 5 dollars on dvd from work with discount.

Movie(s): house 1 and 2

What is it (they); more 80's horror. basically you guessed it, a haunted house, parallell dimensions, etc and characters in each played by guys from cheers.

Why i have it: saw as a kid, always talked about it, made friends rent and watch it, we laughed our asses off (more at the second one)... got cheep on dvd this halloween

Movie: Blood and Donuts

What is it: Canadian horror movie. Vampire, doesnt want to be around anymore, goes into hibertaion in the 60's wakes up in the 90's. Go to an old hnag our that was once a bar and is now a donut/coffe shop. Meets buffoon friend
who needs help with gangstars...cast of unknowns.

Why i have it: it was on at 2:00 in the morning, saw the title, was like, WTF, started watching it, turned out to be good (in that its cheesy, bad, its supposed ot be kind of way) ..ordered for cheap while working at HMV..still love it.

Thats my list, enjoy and if your a friend who may be interested in wathcing any of these wonderfull titles..just let me know...i'm always game


Blogger m.bradford said...

This is an awesome topic! Wait...a...second. Sky Captain was super fun. So is Mirrormask. Good list! Nice to know I sit next to a geek of my calibre.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Attention Whore said...

Don't you love it when relatives give you things that have NOTHING to do with who you are. Kind of like the Nancy Drew book my Aunt got me when I was already reading Salinger and Hemingway....ah well, at least it was a book.

Whatdya mean, no comments? Am I chopped liver?....haven't seen you round my end of the blogosphere big guy!

7:24 PM  
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