Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A game of Risk

I love Risk and so rarely get to play, somthing i intend on changing, especially after this weekend.

My girlfriend and her brother came to visit on Sunday. We didnt do to much, sat around, played video games ( i now love guitar hero, but suck at it).

Sunday night we decided to play a game of risk. there was only 3 of us but it was a really great game. noone was eliminated really fast, it was fairly evenly matched throughout.

My girlfriend ended up winning, by the last turn it was obvious that she was going to, but i thought i could prolong it a little while....but man did the dice work against me.

with no hint of exageration at all. there were AT LEAST 50-60 rolls of the dice involved in her final attack every single one of them had at least one 5....and thats at least. i would say 10 of the rolls were tripple 5's, there were multiple 6's, but ALWAYS one 5.

to give you an idea of just how badly she kicked my ass with those dice. at one point she was attacking my Ural from her Afganistan. i had about 20 armies, she had 26...she took Ural with 24 armies...thats right she destroyed my 20 and only lost 2. and this trend continued til she took close to 14 country's.
in the end, the world was over run with soldiers dressed in bright pink fatigues.

It was fun, i loved it and am much looking forward to another game. hopefully with more people.


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