Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trip of the century

okay so i lied about the whole "update on friday" thing. but not on purpose. I had the following entry all typed up and the the internet died (gerri halliwell is at it again)

First of all let me say that the planning of this trip has been a logistic nightmare, and you will see why as you read it.

So with out further adeu, here is an in depth description of my first trip taken with acctual "vacation time" with my lovely Girlfriend

May 18th: after work. We will finish our packing and then ake are way to Edmonton, where we will spend the night at a friends.

May 19th: We will get up bright and early and head to the Via Rail train station where we will board our first of many trains at 8:55am, Where will will spend the next 24 hours on our way to vancouver.

May 20th: we arrive in Vancouver and will spend the entire day, touristing and visiting with friends, and dipping a toe in the Pacific ocean and then we will spend the night there. (lodgings TBD)

May 21st: Getting up early and taking the Ferry to Vancouver Island to Spend Victoria day in *GASP* Victorian, and then taking the last ferry Back and Spending another night in Vancouver (lodgings TBD)

May 22: Most of the day spent in Vancouver doing some last touristing/visiting and then its on the Train at 5:30 PM.

May 23-24: these 2 days will be spent entirely in the train from Vancouver through to Toronto.

May 25th: Arrive in Toronto at 8:00pm. We will then get ona Bus at 10:00pm to Barrie Ontario where we will spent the night at an old family friends place.

May 26th: This entire day will be spend in Barrie, visiting, relaxing, washing clothes and restocking on snacks and we will spend the night again.

May 27th: Bright and early we take a bus back to toronto. we will have a couple hours to do what ever. At 2:00 we will be seated to watch the Queen: We Will Rock You Musical. After the show we will hit young street, much music, the CN Tower and other touristy things, and then catch a late movie (shrek 3 , pirates 3, spiderman 3). The idea is to kill as much time as possible before heading to the train Station where we will spend a few hours. because the train leaves early.

May 28th: We will take the train to Ottawa early. In ottawa we will go to a few museum, see all the cool building, head to the parliment and such. and we will spend the night. We have not decided where yet. A friend may be able to get me a sweet deal on a hotel, if not we will stay at the International Hostel which is in the old Prison. You acctualy sleep in the old cels complete with bars.

May 29th: We take the train to Montreal. Where we will spend around 8 hours with friends and doing a couple touristy things. We would have gone to Cirque Du Solie, but they are randomly closed that Tuesday. We leave for and arrive in Quebe City in the early evening. We then check into our beautiful Hotel and have some down time to relax and such.

May 30th: We will spend most of the day in Quebec city, seeing the sites, wandering old Quebec, Maybe do some shopping, and going to all the cool places I remeber from when I was there in 2002., including the coolest little resteraunt ever. We will get back on 1 final train at 9:00pm.

May 31st: After spending our final 18 hours on the train we will arrive in Halifax Nova Scotia at 4:30 in the afternoon. We will do some touristy stuff, go out for dinner, dip a toe in the atlantic ocean, do alot of time killing and go to the latest movie we can find (Shrek 3, Spiderman 3 or Pirate 3, whatever we havnt seen yet) As late as possible we will take the $50 cab ride to the airport.

June 1st: Arriveing at the airport as early as possible, we will kill some time before our 6:00am flight takes off. We have a brief stop in Toronto, where we get off one plane, board another and take off within 45 minutes. We will arrive back in Edmonton at just after 10:00am. At which point we will make our way back to Innisfail. The original plan was to spend the remainder of the weekend in Edmonton with friends, but i recently got an email from a more distant friend who is going to be in red deer that weekend, so we are going to visit with her instead. (although that could still change if she doenst get the time off)

June 2-3: these 2 days will be spent with one of my best friends, relaxing, and recouperating from the hectic journy.

June 4th: Back to work.

there you go: 8 provinces, almost every capital city in the country, 2 oceans, 6 trains, 2 planes, 2 buses, 2 ferrys, almost 8500 kilometers on land, approximetly 5000 more in the air, close to a dozen old friends, a musical, the tallest building in the world, countless tourist traps, and endless number of memories in 14 days.

So needless to say the planning of this trip is taking ALOT of my time.

next update: soon in regards to a major event in my life.


Blogger Creative Freakin' Genius said...

That's one hell of an itinerary. I'm sure you'll have a blast.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to describe how freakin' jealous I am of you.

1) You're doing the thing I've dreamnt of doing for a million years but have be too freakin' poor to do it.

2) You're going to all the good places - all the places we had such good times... Toronto, Quebec City, Halifax... ahhhh... Totally unfair!

Anyway... the least you can do for this poor sap is say 'Hi' to everyone in Barrie for me. I can't even begin to imagine how much the kids must have grown...



5:53 PM  
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