Thursday, July 05, 2007

A beautiful racket

So on Friday night last week I got tickets the White Stripes Concert that night in Calgary.

So it was a mad dash home, to pick up Mimi, and then off to Calgary for the Show.

I have been a Stripes Fan since pretty close to the begining.

We missed the opening act,. but it was a nobody anyway.

The Show was AMAZING. There were a few small thinsg to nitpcik at, but I have been raving about it all week.

First of all the stage was completly drapped in Red. Jack was dressed in all red , Meg had a red top and black pants.

The entire road crew (sound, tech, stage, etc) were all wearing black suites, fedora's and white ties. So instead of a greasy looking roadie coming out to fix a connection or what-not, you had a slick dressed professional looking guy, who looked like he belonged on stage.

Unlike the Roger waters Concert I can not give you a highlights section, because basically it was the entire show.

They played pretty much every song you can think of by the stripes, going all the way back to 1998. Including the haunting Cover of Jolene. All they missed was Hardest button to button, and fell in love with a girl. (that I can think of)

There was some pretty cool effects, lighting and sound wise., like during John the Revalator...not even sure how to describe it.

The White stripes are such an amazing band, Jack white has got to be one of the greatest Guitarist of our time if not all time. The sounds he coaxes out of his guitars shouldnt be possible. And though simplistic, Meg's drumming and her movements are infectious. On this tour they are loosing mony on Many of the Stops. Because to celebrate thier 10th anniversary, they are stopping in every province, and playing in some painfully small venues (the saddledome was an exception). They are also performing a number of "secret" shows on many of thier stops. So far they have included: on a city bus in Winnipeg, including Wheels on the bus, a bowling alley in Saskatoon , jack threw a few balls during the show, and a youth drop in centre in Edmonton.

I am very glad I got the opprotunity to see them live. One of my top bands.
It was deffinetly one of my fave shows.

many people say many of the White Stripes songs are just noise...but I have to say its certainly a Beautiful Racket.


Blogger Amy said...

You know, even though you know how I was doing at that point, I had a great time at this show, toilet paper in my ears and all. Even the bitch standing next to me chain smoking and almost burning me didn't deter from the fact that this band has a lot to offer.

Nice Review.

12:22 PM  
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