Monday, September 10, 2007

Wooo...A PARTY!!!!

I asked for a special Birthday cake.
Here are the results.

Take one Rubik's Cube, Scramble it until the colours are distributed as much as possible, avoiding as many same colours side by side as possible for reference.
Make 6 colours of Icing.
Bake 1 Butter pecan cake and 1 chocolate cake and put them together.

Followed by a White cake: Make sure to put a Piece of Tin-foiled Cardboard and icing between each layer.

With a Steady Hand Draw a Grid on all side of the Cake

Fill in all the Square's with differ ant colours, on Colour at a time

And you have a fully accurate, fully awsome, fully delicious, Rubik's Cube Cake.
When it comes time to Consume. Separate each layer, so each party going may choose which type they like. Each piece of cake is a cube, from the cube, amounting to 27 piece's of Cake....far more than needed at one of my Parties.
There you go. My most awesome birthday cake ever. Courtesy of my even more awesome Mom.
The only thing I could have done better was, when scrambelling the cube I was only worried with avoicing duplicate colours as much as possible. What i neglected to consider was distrobution. the Final Cake had only 5 Visable blue squares (the other 4 were on the bottom), but the full 9 Green and Red square. But that is a very minor thing in the shadow of how amazing the cake was.
Thanks for taking a look.
More to come.
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