Friday, July 20, 2007

A new shiny

So as many of you know, and if you read the 50 things about me, you all know. I can solve the rubik's cube.

I learned about 4 years ago. For a while my obsession died down, but in light of a few differant things like, youtube, the 25th anniversary and teaching my girlfriend I have grown obsessed again.

So i have bought a couple differant ones, and then was in contact with a man who is famous for his giant rubik's cube collection. I asked him about a few differant things, inclduing what the value of a cube i have might be, should I want to sell it.

He told me a value and the asked for picture. So over the next few dyas we talked back and forth and I sent thge pictures. he told me he wanted it and offered me a nice sum for it, which is what I was gearing for when I asked how much it was worth, figureing he would not have this paticular cube as it is from a Calgary radio station. Instead of taking the money I asked about the possibility opf trading with him.

To which he agreed.
I shipped my cube on Wednesday last week at 5:30, and it was in his hands in Luxumburg in an astounding 4 days, he had it monday morning. My package from him arrived onm Thursday. and its amazing.

This is the cube he got from me (i still have one for myself)

The six sides are

Rolling Stones - let it bleed
Led Zepplin - ST
Pink Floyd - dark side of the moon
Beatles - Stg peppers
Eagles hotel california
Q107 radio logo (not shown)

I love the cube he sent me is made of metal and has the colours laser etched into the sides.

This picture simply doesnt do it justice, its a gorgeous item and is very heavy ( i still have to weight it)

Basically I just wanted to share it with you, because I think it is very cool.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I FINALLY updated my other "topical" blog.

sorry for the lack of doing so.

there will be more shortly, and hopefully another game soon.

check it out.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A beautiful racket

So on Friday night last week I got tickets the White Stripes Concert that night in Calgary.

So it was a mad dash home, to pick up Mimi, and then off to Calgary for the Show.

I have been a Stripes Fan since pretty close to the begining.

We missed the opening act,. but it was a nobody anyway.

The Show was AMAZING. There were a few small thinsg to nitpcik at, but I have been raving about it all week.

First of all the stage was completly drapped in Red. Jack was dressed in all red , Meg had a red top and black pants.

The entire road crew (sound, tech, stage, etc) were all wearing black suites, fedora's and white ties. So instead of a greasy looking roadie coming out to fix a connection or what-not, you had a slick dressed professional looking guy, who looked like he belonged on stage.

Unlike the Roger waters Concert I can not give you a highlights section, because basically it was the entire show.

They played pretty much every song you can think of by the stripes, going all the way back to 1998. Including the haunting Cover of Jolene. All they missed was Hardest button to button, and fell in love with a girl. (that I can think of)

There was some pretty cool effects, lighting and sound wise., like during John the Revalator...not even sure how to describe it.

The White stripes are such an amazing band, Jack white has got to be one of the greatest Guitarist of our time if not all time. The sounds he coaxes out of his guitars shouldnt be possible. And though simplistic, Meg's drumming and her movements are infectious. On this tour they are loosing mony on Many of the Stops. Because to celebrate thier 10th anniversary, they are stopping in every province, and playing in some painfully small venues (the saddledome was an exception). They are also performing a number of "secret" shows on many of thier stops. So far they have included: on a city bus in Winnipeg, including Wheels on the bus, a bowling alley in Saskatoon , jack threw a few balls during the show, and a youth drop in centre in Edmonton.

I am very glad I got the opprotunity to see them live. One of my top bands.
It was deffinetly one of my fave shows.

many people say many of the White Stripes songs are just noise...but I have to say its certainly a Beautiful Racket.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Time to do some catch up

Multiple posts coming.


Sunday June 24th I was in Edmonton for the Roger waters Dark Side of the Moon Concert. This was my first big Concert with my Girlfriend (been to many smaller ones)

It was a great show, and really great seats (they better be for 1 buck 60 a piece...luckily we didnt pay...thanks again DDH)

The thing I noticed most about the show was the errie stillness. I have been to many concerets in my time, some heavy, some mellow'ish..but notthing prepared me for this. It was assigned seating on the floor, which is just fine. But the people...just stood there. Yeah there was the occasional fist in the air, lighters, and chering, but all in all a very calm, non-active crowed. I relaise that Pink Floyd is not your most energetic, but it was still a strange experiance.
Mimi is a huge Floyd fan, so I know that she greatly enjoyed the show.

Highlight for me include:

Vocal solo by Carol Kenyon (?) on the The Great Gig in the Sky, just amazing power and range.

The new song: leaving beiruit - very good, very funny video to go along with it.

The props: flying pig, falling spaceman,,

and of course the Dark side cover brought to life. I can't find a video that even comes close to doing it justice. Think of the cover, make it 3-d with lasers and make it spin..then increase the cool picture in your mind by 3000 times. then you will be close.