Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Crying Shame

So a while back Jack white of the White Stripes wrote a song FOR Coca-cola to be used in a commercial. He didnt want to use another one of his songs but agreed to do a new one. kind of cool, its like half artistic credability-half selling out. Anyway. the commercial was made in a very white stripes fashion. But then it was only aired in Austrailia and ONCE in the UK. NEVER in the west. The white stripes are huge here, and its a great commercial. So as the Title says...What a shame. But thanks to the wonderfull invetion called the in-net-tra-web. It can be shared with all of thats what I am doing...enjoy.

Monday, June 25, 2007

So Whats New WIth you?

So ignore number 5 on the previous list....My friends suck.

I was orginizing a risk game. made sure i had the basement cleaned, bought snacks, got the trophy finally. it was all set. and then everybody bailed. The one that bugs me the most is one friend is moving to Ontario for 3 months in the next few weeks. I wanted to get him involved in the game. So he was the first person I called.. yeah he bailed. along with everyone esle. so yeah, my all the friends I have had the longest. Currently they suck.

Anyone out there interested in playing risk? drop me a line.

As mentioned above the Basement is fiannaly cleaned. I feel so much better now. its somthing I have been meaning to get done for a really long time. Now I will have time to sort through more of my crap and get rid of it/better orginzine it and spend some time with more of my Hobbies, most notably I want to start learning to play guitar again.

I finally got to go in my pool on Saturday. It was still damn good upon entry but once you got moving around i warmed up nicely.

I guesse thats about it for now. Went to a concert last night, more on that later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

50 posts, 50 things

Another stolen Idea but a damn good one.
In honor of my 50th "blog" here is a list of 50 things you may or may not have know about me.
50: I can Solve The Rubik's Cube in less than 3 minutes on average.
49: I have a cat named Whisper because when we got her she made no sounds.

48: The first CD I ever owned was Bryan Adams: 18 til I die from 1996, I now have over 350.

47: I lived in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and PEI for 3+ months each in a 16 month period.

46: I am addicted to tea: Regular, black tea, very strong, milk and sugar...blame my mom.

45: My Hair has not been its natural colour for more than 3 months since I was in grade 9.

44: I have had a pine tree for over 16 years and it is barely 2 feet tall. My own personal dwarf.

43: I own over 75 pez dispensers, and I never wanted a Pez collection...but I do love candy.

42: I have met former Prime Minister Jean Chretien..

(and many other famous people,but thats another post)

41: I was in a Movie with Mellisa Gilbert of Little house on the you can't see it.

40: I was in a marching band for 6 years and never learned an instrument.

39: Once upon a time I held 7 individual and 2 team club records on the Innisfail team.

38: I now only hold 1 individual and 1 team.

37: I personally sold at least 16 copies of Howls moving castle by Dianna Wynne Jones.

36: I didnt know my fathers real name untill I was 13...(he goes by a nickname)

35: I would like to be some kind of "Alternative fashion"model.

34: I have a musical autograph collection with over 50 signatures.

33: I take horrible pictures, either in front or behind the lense.

32: I have had my Eyebrow pierced for over 5 years.

31: I HATE Will Ferrel, just not as funny as everyone thinks.

30: I love cartoons and still watch them on a fairly regular basis.

29: I sang in a Choir on a Christian Hymn CD as a child.

28: I never took biology, physics or chemistry.

27: I have two Nieces and Two Nephews aged 2-6

26: I LOVE Scrabble. i own 5 differant boards and the dictionary. I LOVE Scrabble.

25: I HATE Clue, I'm just no good at it, but i reallt should be. I HATE clue.

24: I want so badly to be on the air and in commercials, but I HATE my voice.

23: I bite my nails worse then just about anyone you will ever meet.

22: The only time I dont bite is when I wear nail polish...I like the pretty colours.

21: I still have all my wisdom teeth

20: I quote movies and cartoons constantly, weather its relevant or not

19: My girlfriend HATES that.

18: I strongly belive that one of the coolest things EVER is Bioluminescence.

17: I have an allergy that makes me sneeze at least 10 times a day and I have no idea what it is.

16: I saw my first musical in May, if it wasnt 1000's of miles away I would go over and over.

15: I almost died when I was 4, from drinking somthing my brother got in austrailia.

14: I can tear a Red Deer Phone book in half

13: I Can juggle

12: I can Contact Juggle (you might have to look that one up)

11: I taught myself to Ride a unicycle

10: I DO NOT want to be a clown or in the circus

9: One of these facts is a lie.

8: I am a trekkie and proud of it.

7: An ex that hurt me really bad is also one of my best friends and favorite people in the world.

6: I once had huge crush on a girl I could'nt even communicate with.

5: I don't have lots of friends, but those I have are pretty darn good.

4: I love swords and will one day have a large collection.

3: I am very disturbed that THIS is a guy and that I still find my self thinking "Damn She's hot".

2: This post was acctually way harder than expected and I have no idea how AW did 100.
1: I have what many would call an unhealthy obsession with Queen. I have SO much queen stuff. Every Album, all the live stuff, all the official dvd', box sets, almost all the solo stuff, posters, figures, tour programs, multiple copies of some albums (all differant versions) I have LOTS. Friends are convinced I dont listen to anything else. Its pretty extreme, I admit it.Oh well, its a passion, and face it...they kick ass.

A note to Mother Nature


So I mentiond a bit back that I bought a Pool. the day I bought it, it was like 33 degree's. Since I set up the pool , 2 weeks ago we have barely reached 20. YOU SUCK. I finally get a pool and its too flipping cold to use it.

In other news, my basement is finally almost cleaned up and I am 90% done setting up a game of risk for the weekend which I sm super excited about. A buddy (the winer of the first game) is moving away for like 3 months, so I want to get another game in before he is gone.

Mimi is still looking for employment, we are hoping to hear from a guy from IBM any time now. that would be just about the best place to start as far as I am concerned.

We are head to Edmonton this weekend for the Roger waters Concert on Sunday night. A cooworker who had tickets that he couldnt use was awsome enough to pass them on to me. WHOO I love free stuff.

Thats about it...basically THIS post was just an excuse, so I could move on to the NEXT post.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Amazing Scientific Discovery

I forgot to include this on the blog aboyut the trip, but that may be for the better, because it may have been lost. so here it is. the most amazing scientific discovery made on my trip.

My Smelly Feet acctually Smell like...

Thats right. Regular amazingly delicious Nacho Cheese Doritos.
Let me explain.
While walking around Quebec City it was raining. my feet got wet...soaked in fact. My shoes are old and leak. and when really wet the colour stains my socks with blue spots.
So after Hours and hours of walking in the wet, sweaty shoes. I was finally able to remove my socks when we got on the train and put new ones on. I just stuffed my socks in my bag.
The next morning I opened my bag and was greeted by the smell of my socks.
It was strange, but not entirely revolting. I was curious so I took a closer smell. After a few moments to think about it I determined that it was in fact Nachos that I was smelling.
My girlfriend agreed with the assesment, but I still needed confirmation.
When we arrived back in Edmonton, and I met up with a friend I asked if he wanted to smell...of course he said no, but I knew he would anyway. And sure enough, he also aggreed.
So there you have it, my smelly feet in fact smell like nacho cheese doritos. I have no idea how this can be a good thing, but it certainly can't be bad.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Its Friday

Yup another Friday afternoon, and I am updating my blog.

I have decidced against a full detail of the trip as I have been telling it all week. and If you look back you will be a break down of the trip as it was planned.

instead here is a much condesed version.

The First train to Vancouver was 2 hours late, but absolutly beuatiful.

Vancouver was wet but fun, didnt do much the first night, just walked around and got wet. Got a decently nice hostel for both nights in the city.

victoria: 6+ hours of travel round trip and about 6 in the acctuall city. Some great street performers, some beautiful buildings, all in all a nice relaxing day in a great place.

Vancouver again. much nice day, wandering around the GIANT china town district. sadly we were unable to visit with the couple friends I have there.

3 days on the train: this was beautiful, lots fun, lots of movies, great people, decently comfortable seats.

the BAD part of the trip. the train getting to Toronto was 5 hours late, we missed out bus, got kicked out of the train station and had to spend 4-5 hours sitting at a 24 hour tim hortons, before being allowed into the bus station the following morning. It makes a great story, but the thing is, we have recieved NO explination as to why this happned, we were stranded in downtown Toronto, with no compisation. I will be on the phone with via customer service for the next long while i Garuntee you that.

Bus to barrie. Sleep off the all nighter. spend a day with family friends, and some really great kids, jumping on a tramoline, washing laundry and just relaxing.
back to toronto. do some shopping, buy the most kick ass shirt and found the most kick ass comic shop.
At 2:00 we went to the Queen: We Will Rock You Musical. I was set up for this to suck. It had so much potential to do so. but it was Awsome. the seats seriously could not have been better. and yes i will say it. They did in fact rock me.
next I got together with my awsome newfies friend that I have not seen for close to 5 years. we went out for dinner and just visited for hours. then we went to a super late movie. then pulled another all nighter before getting on another train... this time to Ottawa.

With the arrival in ottawa, came the return of Hockey. Day one of the Stanley Cup Finals and the city was electrified. We did some shopping, saw the cool buildings and got to hold 300,000 dollars in solid gold. Stayed in another hostel. then it was off to Montreal.

Our time in Montreal was limited. We went to the Gardens, visited with a friend and that was about it, then off to Quebec.

We walked to the Hotel, and I suprised Amy with staying at the Quebec equvilant to the Banff Springs hotel. They upgraded are room, which was awsome. the next morning we had a large number of miss-adventures in the city trying to find things I remebered from 2002. Then it was on one last train to Halifax.

This was another Via rail gong show. but i wont bother getting into it.

In halifax we saw some sights, watched a movie, saw the atlaantic and then got a really expensive Cab to the Airport. Spent some hours there, then got on the plane for home.

and thats really it. it summery. Via rail the company sucks, via rail the acctual ride is cool. I miss my old friends and didnt get to see enough of them that I wanted. If i lived intoronto I would be seeing the Musical as often as possible. I live in the wrong part of the country. We didnt have enough time in a lot of place, and way to much in some.

If your going to take the train, dont plan to make lots of stops in all the cities, its was to stressfull. but if you are interested in following in my footsteps, I can give you a pretty good, slightly used, out line of a 14 day trip.

thats it, time to finish up and head home.

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack

Thats right my whirlwind 16 day holiday is over and I am back home and at work.

Nice relaxing day back behind the desk. I will give you a great story of the ups and downs of my trip tomorrow (if all goes well). For now a little teaser of what you can look forward to.

late transport, old friends, amazing shows, not so good shows, rude people and amazing discovery's.

in other news, I am now the pround owner of a pool. I got home and promptly bought a 12 foot pool. It was on a kick ass sale at the ol' toys r us. It took like 7 hours to fill and it was cold as hell, but it rocks. can't wait for a pool party.