Friday, February 08, 2008



No work for TEN days. I am officialy off from now until 8:30 on the 19th. and DAMN does it feel good. Normally there is so much to do that taking a holiday is very stressfull, but I think I worked damn hard this week and I am already fully in relaxed mode.

I have been planing this time off for a bit now. One of my best friends who i never get to see cause his current base of opperations is Vancouver is coming.

My friend owen who i know if one of my few regualr readers is coming. I have to pick him up on Saturday. He isgoing to be in town until Thursday.

The only thing that sucks is he has to be back in Calgary at like 6:30 AM on that sucks.

I should be having an awesome game of Risk in the weekend. Heading up to Edmonton for a day, and all around just having a blast.

2 days after Owen leaves we will have a full house, its Amy's birthday next week and a pile of friends are coming down. We are going to dinner and then toboganning. Its gonna rock.

In other news I finally joined the Apple world and bought an ipod. Its not new, its not the best but it will work just fine for me. I got a 4th gen 40 GB ipod (read 37 on ebay. got what i think is an awesome deal. I have 10 hours of music on there so far and still have 36 GB of space. AWESOME. The only reason I got it is that i love listening to music at work, but my computers ound sucks REALLY bad, so that basically nothhing is listenable. and I HATE it. So thats why the ipod.

I have also been discovering some awesome new music recently and I am really enjoying that. So that works out well with the ipod as well.

Anyway, i am going to leave work early, so let my vacation officially begin.