Friday, March 14, 2008

Bottled up inside

I appologize for the gap between blogs again. I really do keep meaning to update more often. Everytime I get on track to do so, somthing comes along and scres it up. There has been alot going on in my life recently and frankly work has been hellish.

There is however somthing I have been meaning to discuss. I have some time this afternoon so I thought it was time.

I can let loose and be a pretty crazy gy. But for the most part when it comes to dealing with anyone except my closest friends I like to present myself as a prefessional, well manered and respectable person.

SO when something awesome happens, that is totally brag and show off worthy, that would amaze, infatuate, and impress people I get put into a bit of a pinch. I WANT to brag, I want to make people jealous, but at the same time i don't want to be a jerk. What I have to brag about is not really all that appropriete to just go around talking about to just anybody. Some of the things i want to talk about would distress/disgust/upset people, and would deffiently make them look at me differantly...and maybe like me less. I actualy have only 2 people that I am able to brag to. One I barely ever talk to 'cause the O Dogg is always busy working on the road.

Its like I am 2 people. Now I know everyone has differant sides., but mine are like night and day.
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde if you will.

I AM a wild and crazy person who has some insanly crazy adventures who does things that many people don't even think of. and I do things that others consider "un proper" and such.

and I AM a presentable, respecatble, mature person.

how the Hell do you deal with somthing like that?
Its hard, cause some times I come REALLY close to slipping up and saying the wrong thing to the wrong people.
So I am stuck being two people, and it sucks, why cant I just be one person all the time?

So yeah, I have done something awesome, but I can't openly talk about my awesomenes....GRRR